Membership Plans That Are Worth It

Membership Plans That Are Worth It

With so many different membership plans available it can be hard to know which ones are the best way to spend your money. Here are the best ones to make sure you are getting the most benefits for your dollar:

Amazon Prime

One of the most well-known membership plans is Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime costs just $99 a year with its main benefit being a variety of free fast shipping options. The most popular option is the free two day shipping on all eligible items, but more recently Amazon are trying same day delivery options in eligible zip codes. However, there's more to Amazon Prime than just shipping benefits. With a membership, you have access to thousands of movies and TV shows that you can stream for free. In addition with Prime Music there are hundreds of artists for you to listen to and discover. Amazon Prime is a cheap way to take care of most of your entertainment needs.


Turning 50 is a big milestone which comes with many advantages. One of the greatest benefits that you shouldn't pass up on is that you are now eligible for a full membership with AARP. With a membership cost of only $16 a year and a long list of advantages an AARP membership more than pays for itself. Through AARP you will be able to get discounts in a number of restaurants and hotels. Car rentals, dentist trips, and movie tickets could all be cheaper too. AARP even makes buying cars easier with their online tool that helps eliminate the nuisance of going to a dealer. Consider signing up with AARP to help make many aspects of your life cheaper and easier.

Sam's Club/Costco

A membership to a warehouse store can save you money on your grocery and toiletry shopping. Buying essential items in bulk can drastically lower your costs every month, and so long as you have a little extra space to store things can also mean fewer shopping trips for you! When purchasing a membership for one of these stores consider getting more than just their basic membership as paying a little extra means lots of extra perks.


Beauty supplies can be very expensive especially when having to buy multiple items in order to try to find something new that you might like. Birchbox is an effective way of satisfying your beauty needs at a low cost. At only $10 a month you receive a personalized mix of beauty samples mailed to you in a makeup bag once every month. Doing this is a cheap way of finding new makeup and fragrances that you will want to wear daily. Once you've found something you like you can purchase a full size version through the Birchbox website and earn loyalty points. Birchbox also makes for a great gift!