Five Gifts For Graduates

Five Gifts For Graduates

With graduation season approaching finding the perfect gift for the graduate in your life can be challenging. If you are looking for ideas on what to get them that are more thoughtful than just a bit of cash or a gift card then try one of these ideas:

Contribute to a Roth IRA
Thinking about retirement can seem very daunting at a young age, which is why many graduates probably haven't even begun to think about it. Making a contribution for them into a Roth IRA will not only begin to help financially prepare them for their retirement but will also, hopefully, encourage them to start saving as soon as they enter the workforce.

Help with College Tuition/Student Loans
Paying for college is very stressful for grads. Whether they are leaving high school and trying to figure out how to pay constantly increasing university prices, or they've just left university and are facing the start of their student loan payments they would appreciate any help that you can offer. Using a website like can ensure that the money you offer will directly help pay off student loans.

A Subscription or Gym Membership
New graduates might not have the cash flow to be able to purchase luxuries to enjoy during their down time. Buying them something that you know they would enjoy and get a lot of use out of can be very rewarding for you as the gift giver. You could consider getting them an Amazon Prime subscription for a year, paying for their gym membership for a couple of months, or getting them a subscription to their favorite magazine or newspaper.

An Appointment with a Financial Advisor
Focused on the immediate costs of entering the adult world, most graduates won't be thinking too far ahead into their financial future. Paying for an appointment with a financial advisor who can help them think about their long-term financial needs would be very beneficial to any graduate.

If your grad is planning a big move or is just looking to find a place of their own their expenses will quickly start adding up. Furnishing their new place can be a large financial burden. Any way you can help them, whether it be a large item such as a couch or a mattress or something smaller, is sure to be appreciated.