How To Entertain On A Budget

How To Entertain On A Budget

So you're trying to save a bit of money, but you don't want that to impact your social life too much. Or maybe it's your turn to host your friends' monthly gathering but your budget is already looking a bit tight this month. Whatever the occasion might be, saving a bit of money is always a good idea. Here are some great ways to give your friends a fun night without hurting your wallet too much:

Don't Go Overboard
When planning any event, no matter the size, it's easy to get caught up in wanting it to be perfect. Unfortunately this usually means that the cost of the event skyrockets. Do your best to reign in your need to spend and opt for cheaper, but just as good, options. Instead of splurging on fancy decorations search online for creative homemade alternatives. Rely on a good playlist to offer some of the entertainment. Most importantly, don't go overboard on the alcohol. Offer one or two alternatives instead of buying every kind of liquor there is.

Have a Game Night
Hosting a game night is a much cheaper alternative to putting on a dinner. Pulling out some fun board games is a great way to spend a night with your friends, and you can even ask them to bring along their favorites. Play some interactive games, such as Pictionary or charades, to really get everyone involved. Offer a few snack choices and some simple beverages to keep your guests well-nourished.

Skip to Desserts
Tell your friends that you're doing something different this time around, and that they should have their main dinner ahead of time. Producing a few desserts for your friends to snack on while you enjoy each other's company is a simple but lovely way to pass an evening. Buying a few store-made goodies or buying a few ingredients to make some yourself will be less costly than producing a whole meal.

Make it a Potluck
If you're planning to host a dinner party try making it a potluck by asking your guests to bring just one dish or item. By supplying the main dish, but not having to worry about cooking every single dish you will save both money and time. If you're really insistent on planning and producing the meal in its entirety then consider just asking your guests to bring their own drinks. Supplying different beverages (alcoholic or not) for everybody can really add to your costs.