5 Perfect Gifts For Newborns

5 Perfect Gifts For Newborns

Is there someone in your life who is about to embark upon a very important time in their lives and become a parent? If so it's probably weighing on you what it is that would make the perfect present for the little newborn that's about to enter all of your lives. Here are a few suggestions for what can make some really special gifts:

Your childhood favorites
If you're looking for a really thoughtful present think back to your own childhood and try to remember what some of your favorite books or toys were. Gathering together a few books or some fun toys would be very touching to the parents and the new baby is sure to appreciate them as they get older. These gifts shouldn't be too hard to find on Amazon or, if you still have some that are in good condition, hand-me-downs can make lovely gifts.

A 529 Plan
Starting or contributing to a 529 plan is a great way to start planning for the newborn's education. The 529 plan is used to save money for a beneficiary for higher education purposes. The money that is withdrawn from the plan is tax free when used for education expenses, including trade and vocational schools. If the money from the plan goes towards something else a 10% fee will be deducted (unless the beneficiary got a full scholarship for college, in which case the fee would be waived) and the money will be subject to income tax laws. Any contribution towards helping pay for the ever-rising costs of education would go a long way.

Big Items
With every newborn comes the need for some really expensive, but really important, items such as a crib, a baby monitor, or a car seat. New parents (or even second-time parents) are sure to appreciate the help with these items as the costs of a new child can really stack up.

Purchasing a stock can be an educational and unique gift for a child. As they get older they can learn about investing as they watch their stock gain and lose worth, and hopefully they will see how rewarding investing can be. You can buy one share of a stock and then give them the certificate which you can have framed so it can hang on the wall in their room.

Going the classic loads of diapers or toiletries route is always a safe plan. If you want to spruce things up a bit arrange a nice basket or build a fun diaper cake. If you're not feeling too creative there are lots of places online where you can buy a good looking diaper cake. As the parents gear up for the arrival of their little newborn they'll greatly appreciate as many toiletries as they can get.

529 Plans disclosure:

There is no guarantee that the plan will grow to cover college expenses. In addition, depending upon the laws of your home state or designated beneficiary, favorable state tax treatment or other benefits offered by such home state for investing in 529 college savings plans may be available only if you invest in the home state's 529 college savings plan. You may also go to www.collegesavings.org for more information.