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Your Guide on the Journey to Financial Freedom

What Are Your Biggest Retirement Assumptions?

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No one strategy fits everyone!

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#1 Top Dividend Performing Manager: Pensions & Investments

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A Retirement Plan You Can Count On

Life is filled with dreams and goals. You work hard to live the life you deserve, and you plan for a long and fulfilled retirement; but are you sure you're on the right course of action to get there? Retirement is cloaked with many questions and potential pitfalls. Do you know how much income you will need to support your lifestyle? What part does Social Security play in the picture?

Getting to retirement and being able to enjoy life through your retirement years are two different goals. Here at Beacon Financial Group, helping our clients achieve those objectives is the primary reason we exist.

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  • *FINRA: Summary Report of Brokers
  • No events/complaints disclosed
  • Passed all general industry/product exams
  • Licensed agent in state of Texas
  • *Investment Advisors Public Disclosure (IAPD)
  • No disciplinary events involving advisor
  • Updated/current employment and employer
  • All registrations/licensing current for state of Texas
  • *Certified Financial Planner
  • *Chartered Financial Analyst
  • *Other internal proprietary research/analysis and no awards/trophies are given to participants in issue.